Toni Braxton – 2007 – The Essential [2CD]











Artista/Grupo: Toni Braxton

Album: The Essential [2CD] – 2007
Bitrate: CBR 192 Kbps/44.1 kHz/Joint-stereo
Genero/Genre: Vocal/R&B
Musicas/Track Listings:

01. Love Shoulda Brought You Home
02. I Love Me Some Him
03. Tell Me
04. You’re Makin’ Me High
05. He Wasn’t Man Enough
06. Just Be A Man About It
07. How Many Ways (R. Kelly Remix)
08. Breathe Again
09. You Mean The World To Me
10. I Belong To You
11. How Could An Angel Break My Heart
12. Un-Break My Heart
13. Another Sad Love Song
14. Seven Whole Days
15. I Don’t Want To
16. Give U My Heart

01. The Heat
02. Gimme Some
03. There’s No Me Without You
04. Why Should I Care
05. Spanish Guitar (Royal Garden’s Flamenco Mix)
06. I’m Still Breathing
07. Me & My Boyfriend
08. Give It Back
09. The Time Of Our Lives (The Official Song Of The 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany)
10. He Wasn’t Man Enough (Junior Vasquez Marathon Mix)
11. Un-Break My Heart (Frankie Knuckle’s Franktidrama Club Mix)
12. Hit The Freeway
13. Come On Over Here
14. Let It Flow
15. The Little Things
16. Good Life (A Cappella Single Mix)


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