Hilary Duff – 2009 – Crash World

Artista/Grupo: Hilary Duff
Album: Crash World – 2009
Bitrate: CBR 160 Kbps/33.1 kHz/Joint-Stereo
Genero/Genre: Vocal/Pop
Musicas/Track Listings:

01. Any Other Day
02. Crash World
03. Now You Know
04. I Want To Blow You Up
05. Material Girl
Feat. Haylie Duff]
06. I Cant Wait
07. (I’ll Give) Anything But Up!
08. The Siamese Cat Song
feat. Haylie Duff)
09. The Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room
10. What Dreams Are Made Of
11. So Yesterday [Everything’s Gonna Be Alright Mix]
12. Way U Do The Things You Do
13. Danger [Not Mastered]
14. Reach Out (Demo)
Feat. The Prophet]
15. Little Voice [Demo]


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