The Bee Gees – 1974 – Mr Natural

Artista/Grupo: The Bee Gees
Album: Mr Natural – 1974
Bitrate: CBR 128 Kbps/44.1 kHz/Joint-Stereo
Genero/Genre: Vocal/Rock & Roll/Oldies
Musicas/Track Listings:

01 – Charade
02 – Throw A Penny
03 – Down The Road
04 – Voices
05 – Give A Hand, Take A Hand
06 – Dogs
07 – Mr. Natural
08 – Lost In Your Love
09 – I Can’t Let You Go
10 – Heavy Breathing
11 – Had A Lot Of Love Last Night


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One Response to “The Bee Gees – 1974 – Mr Natural”

  1. Awesome stuff. Hey, that reminds me of this bit of news concerning a Bee Gees tribute song:

    A song written as a tribute to the Bee Gees, following the loss of Maurice Gibb, continues to register hundreds of downloads per week, as the song gains ground with Bee Gees fans across the world.

    Today, Dr BLT is celebrating the success of the song, and the legacy of the band, by giving away downloads of the song.

    When the Bee Gees Were Three
    Dr BLT
    words and music by Bruce L Thiessen, aka Dr BLT copyright 2012
    [audio src="" /]

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