Roxette – 2008 – Keep Going Dancing!

Artista/Grupo: Roxette
Album: Keep Going Dancing! – 2008
Bitrate: VBR Kbps/44.1 kHz/Joint-Stereo
Genero/Genre: Vocal/Pop/Club/House/Remixes
Musicas/Track Listings:

01. The Centre Of The Heart (Stonebridge Club Mix)
02. Wish I Could Fly (Tood Terry – Tee’s Radio Mix)
03. Stars (Almighty Dub)
04. Real Sugar (Shooting Star Treatment Mix)
05. The Look ’95 (Rapino Club Mix)
06. Fireworks (Jesus Jones Remix)
07. I Call Your Name (Frank Mono Long Remix)
08. Neverending Love (Frank Mono Mix)
09. The Big L. (The Bigger, The Better Mix)
10. Almost Unreal (Ocus Pokus Remix)
11. Opportunity Nox (Single Edit)
12. Crush On You (Album Version)
13. Stars (X-Treme Extended Mix)
14. Milk And Toast And Honey (Fragma Remix)
15. 2 Cinnamon Street (Marie’s Version)


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