Amy Winehouse – 2008 – Soul Of Amy Winehouse [Unplugged And Electrified]

Artista/Grupo: Amy Winehouse
Album: Soul Of Amy Winehouse [Unplugged And Electrified] – 2008
Bitrate: VBR Kbps/44.1 kHz/Joint-Stereo
Genero/Genre: Vocal/Pop/Rock
Musicas/Track Listings:

01. Intro (Unplugged 11-May-2007)
02. Back To Black (Unplugged 11-May-2007)
03. Rehab (Unplugged 11-May-2007)
04. You Know I’m No Good (Unplugged 11-May-2007)
05. Love Is A Loosing Game (Unplugged 11-May-2007)
06. To KNow Him Is To Love Him (Studio Recording)
07. Valerie (Alternate Version)
08. Some Unholy War (Alternate Version)
09. Teach Me Tonight (31-Dec-2004)
10. Don’t Go To Strangers (31-Dec-2007)
11. I Heard It Through The Grapevine (31-Dec-2007)
12. Mighty Quinn (31-Dec-2007)
13. Me & Mr. Jones (Berlin 15-Oct-2007)
14. He Can Only Hold Her / Doo Wap (That Thing) (London 30-May-2007)
15. Cherry (London 30-May-2007)
16. Wake Up Alone (London 30-May-2007)
17. Tears Dry On Their Own (23-Sep-2007)
18. Rehab (23-Sep-2007)
19. Back To Black (15-Feb-2007)
20. You Know I’m No Good (Berlin 15-Oct-2007)
21. Love Is A Loosing Game (Berlin 24-Jan-2007)
22. Valerie (Berlin 24-Jan-2007)
23. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Bridget Jones – The Edge Of Reason soundtrack 2004)


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